~ Land & sky ~
Andover falls
Backside of Knapp pond
Black River. The other side
Black River
Blue fog spruce
Blue ice
Brilliant blue
Casting a spell
Cat tail sillouhette
Center line
Country road
Davis Road falls
Early morning fog
Farm on the hill
Foggy back roads
Ice pond
Knapp pond
Lake Amherst
Route 155 colored version
Selective color Stratton
Small waterfall
Sunrise on Okemo mountain
To the east
Darkness falls
Fire in the sky
Glorious morning
Horizontal lightning
Into the clouds
Making a break for it
Mauve & Peach
Morning drama
Reaching for the sky
Red clouds
Three pines
Blue sky birches
Boynton Hollow brook
Broken window
Brook at Boynton Hollow
Cold back road
Decayed beauty
Dramatic steeple
End of the tunnel
Flag shadow
Hint of moon
In flight
Old door
Old shed
Outside looking in
Stairway to...
Tree lichen
Vermont back road
Wake up villagers
White church
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